Jay grew up in Westfield, New Jersey an extremely preppy town reminiscent of Stepford Wives. It was a place that individuality and creative outlets would be considered unnecessary and awkward and conformity and uniformity were celebrated. Jay struggled through "the educational system" due to the lack of originality and inspiration. He found peace and connection through the creative world. His creative expression was practiced through painting, building, and fashion. His merchant quality which started at an early age ranged from selling fireworks in Hebrew school to eventually having a thriving flea market business at 16. During the early 90s, when outlets sold multi brand luxury items, Jay would climb into the dumpers at night to find the suppliers of the goods. He purchased high end luxury brands we all know and sold them at high end preppy flea markets throughout NJ and Pennsylvania. After quickly becoming the talk of the market, Jays future as a fashion retailer became imminent.

After an unfortunate two year stint at NYU Dental School, Jay realized that the fashion world was his calling. He began designing an embroidered denim tie line and took a job working for Worth and Worth Hat Shop on Madison Avenue to learn as much about fedoras as he could.

Shortly after, he discovered a void in the category of menswear. Jay noticed that most designers would create for the popularity of the media and for whatever would turn a profit regardless of quality or thought.

Twenty two years later he has continued to design with one thing always in mind and that is everyone's inner rockstar.

When Jay creates a piece he imagines the secure man that owns his style. His designs are interpreted by the purchaser which is why the mass majority of his clients range from billionaire super powers to true rockstars who in the end dress for themselves but touch many others. With a focus always on the best that he can find the consumer will always leave the experience with all five senses stimulated.

Thomas Rabolli is Managing Partner of Jay Kos Worldwide.
Tom's beginnings were in Garfield, New Jersey, a blue collar multi-ethnic neighborhood 30 minutes from New York City. Tom gained his work ethic, enjoyment of broadly diverse influences, and his well known single-minded aspirations, while growing up in Garfield. Tom moved to New York City where he has lived since 1997, including South Beach from 2009-2013.

Tom began his career on Wall Street in 1996 and earned the prestigious professional designations of a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Chartered Market Technician. From 2001-2014, he became a renowned investor in Retail and Consumer stocks at SAC Capital. Tom's personal style evolved in a business where conformity can be a perceived virtue. Tom disagrees, arguing that a man's style should be his own. A man's expression of his own inherent creativity and individuality is necessary to achieve his full confidence in himself. Jay Kos Worldwide is focused not on conforming a man to a specific style, but to bring each man to realize his personal own style and attitude too often repressed by mass or even other boutique retailers.

Tom brings decades of retail investment experience along with his passion for beautiful things in fabrications, textures, patterns, and colors to Jay Kos Worldwide.